Leadership Team Highlights...

Prayer is the foundation of Cornerstone and all we do with leadership.   We are praying that God's miraculous power would break through this church and community as we reach out to the lonely, the broken, and the lost.  Please continue to pray daily for Cornerstone and its many ministries as we strive to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Other highlights

· New cameras for the worship center are on the way.  Two of the old ones were broken and parts were no longer available.  

· New Speakers have been installed in the Worship Center.

· The handbells have been refurbished.

· A new Honeywell computer that monitors the heating and cooling for the building has been installed. The old computer no longer worked.

The team leading Cornerstone for 2017 is pictured.   Members of the team are Jeff Browne, Jackie Scott, Jennifer Morgan, Jennifer Johnson, Chris Guilliams, Dean Wray, LindaToleman, Bruce Kalb, Steve Rader, Becky Nichols, Julia Basham, and Tom Covert.