Hopefest Brings Hope!

Hopefest took place on August 20th and was an incredible day. We helped distribute 500 pairs of shoes, hygiene items, t-shirts, school supplies, food, and God’s love. The smiles on the kids made all the effort worth it!   There were 200 folks who gave of their time to be a part of this great day. Thanks to all of you who participated, who offered leadership, who gave financially, and who shared the love of Christ.

 The comments we received on social media and in person speak volumes.

 “I'm so blessed to have been a part of this day! I love our community & it’s amazing to see all the

people that gave up there Saturday to volunteer & more importantly I love that so many kids got such nice stuff & new haircuts to start the new school year!!! God is good!!!”

 “Thank you!!! We were not going to be able to get new school shoes until Friday after school started! Thanks for completing that perfect 'first day of school outfit'!!”

 “Thank you for all you did today for the children and their parents or grandparents or who ever was able to take them thank you from the bottom of my heart”

 “I feel this is the best back to school activity I have seen.  Kids need to know people care all the time. God is good, all the time"

 “Such a blessing to all who was involved! Love Fest! Great turnout!”

 “Thank you for this gift to our area children. The Lord and these kids are smiling.”