Leadership Team Update

Cornerstone uses a Leadership Team comprised of twelve people to guide and lead the church.  

This biblical model is more effective for several reasons.

1) We are wiser together.

Proverbs 15:22     Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.

2) Accountability- Public leaders need peers who can speak into their lives and hold them accountable to the mission and ministry of the church.

3) Our gifts and talents are rounded out- Leaders have various strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and talents.  When pooled together the ministry of the church is done more effectively.

4) The Workload is divided up- When leading together the heavy workload of leading the church is divided among many instead of on one or two people.

5) Encouragement-Leaders exist in a fallen world where there will be challenges and difficulties.  When leadership trials occur we can strengthen and encourage each other for the road ahead.

This month we added Becky Nichols and Bruce Kalb to the team.  They replaced Carolyn Pettit and Beth Rice.  We are deeply appreciative of the leadership that Beth and Carolyn offered during the past several years!